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Stuff That We Love and Support

  • You know you don't want to clean your own house. Make more time for yoga and have J's Maids clean it for you. 
    - J's Maid Service:

  • Her love and passion is to help our community with all their real estate needs. Our angel real estate agent.
    - Sheida Rezazadeh:

  • Leslie offers her heart to each client. She takes time to understand you and what you want to share out. She will put you at ease as soon as you connect to help you lovingly grow your business.
    - Clear Minded Marketing:
  • Capturing Dragons Studio uses photography and video production as a tool to unite, empower, and visually create the message you desire to share with the world.
    - Capturing Dragons Studio:
Peaceful Bod Healing.JPG
  • Kazumi has had extensive training to add to her natural gift of healing. Her education and intuition are a powerful combo. Her healings are like no other, allowing for space, peace and clarity.
    - Peaceful Body Healing:
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