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Congratulations! You are in!

Here’s my free gift to you. I hope you enjoy it! Namaste, Eden.

If you enjoyed this video, and you would like to experience more, please join our community. You can sign up for a weekly or monthly plan.

There is no long-term commitment, you can cancel at any time.


After signing up, you’ll get immediate, unlimited access to over 50 videos you can watch at any time.


These videos contain clear, detailed alignment instructions to set a strong foundation.


My focus is on playful practice that WILL get you sweating!


As part of our community you’ll also get :


  • Access to new content that is added weekly. 

  • Meditations you can use for quiet moments

  • Inspirational themes to allow more thoughtful focus and growth

  • Classes for exactly what you need; just send in a request and you’ve got it!


Once you take your first class, you’re officially in our community of the heart. We are in this together.

“In the 3 years I’ve been practicing with Eden, I really can’t say enough about how much this beautiful yogi has to offer. Her practice is inspired and loving. She will meet you where you are, without judgement, and guide you towards positive change.


I’m so grateful for the time I share on the mat with Eden and am honored to share my experience with you.”


Mikki Buschauer

I look forward to seeing you on the inside, Eden

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